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The PTO Agitators from GEA Houle are designed to offer high agitation performance in all types of manure. Depending on whether you have a lagoon, a concrete pit or a raceway pit, GEA Houle has the agitator to meet your quality and efficiency standards.


GEA Houle Agi-Pomps are heavy duty lagoon agitation pumps that will rapidly transform solids in a crusted lagoon into a homogenized liquid.



GEA Houle High Pressure Pit Pumps will transfer waste water with solids from pits to flush screens, flush tanks, or lagoons. The pit pumps delivery high head with low horsepower requirements. The controls are easily accessed from the top of the pump. The efficient design of the directional valve maximizes the pumping capacity.


GEA Houle offers liquid manure spreaders with capacities ranging from 3,350 gallons to 9,500 gallons. Axle configurations options range from tandem axles to four axle models with self-steering.  Application attachment options include the standard splash plate toincorporation tool bars

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